QHSE Policy & Management Commitment

Wihda Trucking plans to become a leader in its transport and logistics activities.

These activities involve security and environmental risks. For this, it has been set up a quality management system, health, safety & environment.
Also and in order to satisfy our Customers in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, we have implemented a QHSE Policy which is based on four main principles:


  • The customer is at the heart of the concerns of our company
  • The requirements of our customers are an opportunity for us to progress and improve.
  • The reliability of our equipment and transport equipment through a follow-up and efficient maintenance.
  • A better reactivity for an effective listening of our customer.


As a part of our business, we are sensitive to the aspects of hygiene, safety and the environment. We engage a militant policy with the following objectives:

  • Respect for the Highway Code.
  • Prohibition of consumption of drug or alcohol use.
  • Continuous training: all drivers are regularly trained in defensive driving,
  • Preserve the integrity of the goods entrusted to us


  • Preserving the health of third parties and our employees in our work environment
  • A medical profile is required at each recruitment.
  • Occupational medicine is a service that should benefit all employees


  • Preserve the integrity of the environment and the facilities used
  • Better waste management

Therefore, we personally commit ourselves to declining this policy into objectives and to make available to the management all the necessary means and give them the necessary skills for the realization of objective cases. Management reviews will be conducted to ensure the improvement of our management system.

All employees in their function, executive directors and co-workers have an important role to play in our QHSE

Finally, we rely on all staff to ensure that everyone cares about their own safety as well as that of others, and contributes to the achievement of QHSE objectives. The “Quality”, “Hygiene”, “Safety” and “Environment” components are the foundation of our organization and play a predominant role in the sustainability of our company.


Theme of internal trainings offered to our drivers:

  • Traffic Laws
  • Defensive driving
  • Stowage
  • The first aid
  • Prevention and fire fighting
  • Technical measures of road safety